Who can use the RDS?

Who can use the RDS?

Our advice services are available to health and social care researchers who are:

  • developing grant applications for applied health or social care research
  • applying for personal fellowships
  • writing applications to national, open, peer-reviewed funding streams

We support a broad range of people, including:

  • medical doctors, nurses and allied health professionals
  • patients, service users, carers and voluntary sector organisations
  • academics and NHS and social care practitioners and organisations

Our priority is to support applications to NIHR research funding streams and fellowships. We also support applications to research councils and other open, national, peer-reviewed funding programmes.

There are some circumstances in which we are unable to provide support:

  • the development of projects for which there is no intention to submit a grant application to a recognised funder
  • where support is requested to conduct unfunded analysis on data already collected
  • formal supervision or informal support for students
  • carrying out the research; if required this would need to be costed in to the project grant, and it would also depend on the available research capacity and interests of the host institution

Please view our funding pages  for information on peer-reviewed funding programmes and look at the RDS EoE Client Information Pack for further information on the service.