The RDS charter

The RDS charter

The RDS East of England is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and employs highly experienced public health, health services and social care researchers. The advice and guidance they provide is aimed at increasing the quality of your funding application. All documents submitted to funding bodies remain the responsibility of the applicants.

We will:

  • Offer professional advice on developing a grant application, free of charge
  • Allocate a Research Design Service (RDS) lead to provide support and guidance
  • Provide feedback on draft proposals in a timely manner using face-to-face meetings or other forms of communication, as appropriate
  • Treat all our discussions and the information provided with appropriate confidentiality
  • Facilitate the identification of a suitable funding stream for your project
  • Facilitate the identification of suitable collaborators
  • Give you access to a range of research support materials and signpost to further helpful resources

We will not:

  • Help develop projects where there is no intention of submitting an application for peer review to a recognised funding stream
  • Support applications that are not applying for funding from national peer-reviewed funding agencies
  • Provide supervision or informal support for students
  • Carry out any of the research unless we agree to be a co-applicant, where appropriate costs are included in the grant

We expect that investigators will:

  • Approach us in a timely manner
  • Acquaint themselves with the scope and eligibility of the targeted funding stream
  • Work closely with their research team and will include them in discussions
  • Consider our advice carefully
  • Accurately reflect, in the application, the support that RDS has given