National NIHR RDS Webinar: Research for Social Care (RfSC) – Call 6

A webinar to support potential applicants interested in submitting in response to current NIHR Research for Social Care (RfSC) call 6, recorded on 10.11.22.

The webinar was delivered jointly by NIHR Research Design Service East of England (RDS EoE) and the Research for Social Care (RfSC) Programme Office, on behalf of National RDS. This information session was open nationally to social care researchers, practitioners, users, and carers to introduce the latest call from the NIHR’s Research for Social Care programme (RfSC).

Speakers include the RfSC Programme Team, RfSC committee chair, a previously successful candidate, and public involvement and equality, diversity, and inclusion experts. The remit of RfSC, the requirements of RfSC calls and application process are covered.

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For reference, the following timestamps for each presentation:

00.04.30 – RfSC Ben Morgan – Overview of the call

00.14.25 – RfSC Chris Hatton – Observations from the RfSC Committee Chair

00.22.18 – RfSC Francis James – Observations from the RfSC Public Committee Member

00.33.30 – RfSC Rifat Mahbub – RfSC Team

00.34.53 – RfSC Phoebe Wallace – Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

00.46.49 – CRN Ruth Hudson – SoECAT & CRN Support

01.01.13 – Anne Killett – Successful Award Holder CHAPPI study

01.17.57 – RDS Emily Beadle – RDS support

The slides from the event can be downloaded here – RfSC Event Slides

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