Community Engagement

Community Engagement

What do we mean by community engagement?
Community engagement, in this context, goes beyond simply ‘involving’ people. It relies on building ongoing, meaningful relationships between the community and organisations for mutually beneficial outcomes. It is a collaborative process between groups who are brought together as neighbours or through sharing a common interest or concern. It is a powerful vehicle for bringing about environmental and behavioural changes to improve the situation and wellbeing of the community. Community Engagement for Social Inclusion (COMENSI) (COMENSI)

Useful resources – Please find a selection of useful resources below

Toolkit for increasing participation of Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Groups in health and social care research

ScienceTech Public Engagement Framework

NIHR Community Engagement Involvement Resource Guide 2019

NIHR CRN INCLUDE Guidance July 2020

NIHR CRN INCLUDE Summary July 2020

Bromley by Bow Centre – Happiness and the House of Dreams

European Citizen Science Association ten principles of citizen science

Comensi Toolkit

NIHR INVOLVE – Being Inclusive in Health Research

Unicef – Minimum Quality Standards for Community Engagement

Unicef – Minimum Quality Report


Community Partnership Projects

University of Essex Reaching Out Project  – NIHR funded

University of Essex COURAGE network – UKRI funded

University of Hertfordshire Stevenage Play Centres Project – UKRI funded

Applied Research Collaboration East of England Community Photography Competition